The Art of your media player

Android tv box, internet box, smart tv box – whatever you’re calling it, its totally awesome
What is an android tv box, internet tv box, smart tv box? Different names or brands, this android TV box is actually a tv box run with an android operating system. This android operation system is commonly run on your smartphones, tablets and other types of devices related to latest technology. It can used as a tv or as an stand-alone multimedia player in which users can download new apps in Google play such as netflix and other apps present. This android tv box has an incredibly personalized android operating system and if you don’t like the default launcher installs, you can simply download your preferred launcher in Google play store.
In 2014, Google launched android tv box running with an android 5.0 Lollipop operating system which had an easy access organizing and searching platform. The term tv box is used for a simple reason, it is shaped like a box having a width of 5 inches and a height of 2 inches. Afterwards, several companies followed in the trend and launch their own versions of android tv boxes with different features and looks.
These android tv boxes are using the same hardware as what you see in smaller mini pc sticks are often use the exact same hardware as smaller Mini-PC sticks. Mini pc stick is actually a small single board pc, having an independent cpu which doesn’t rely on another computers to be utilized. Even though some of these mini pc sticks are tagged as Google tv boxes, they are not actually on boxes. The hardware is not restricted as it could run to almost anything as long as it is android compatible. Most android tv boxes use dual core processors, typically Cortex A9, different from mini pc stick which has a single core processor.
Recently, there are great numbers of different high tech gadgets and devices that are present in the market. There are lots of ways to better utilize these gadgets and devices depending on your capabilities to do so.