Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Hoverboard

In the early part of the 20th century, the best anyone could do was just imagine a teenager moving with ease on a ‘levitating’ board through miles. Well, fast forward to today, that scene need no longer be imagined as it is a common event. Though no levitation involved, with the aids of tires fueled by electric batteries, hoverboards which first was described by Joseph M.K in 1967 is a common sight today. From celebrities to the teenager next door, we all have been captivated by the ingenious mobility equipment. In Ireland, Hoverboards are a common sight in the e-commerce realm both offline and online as with any trending equipment. The Hoverboard Ireland craze seems to be a hot trend with sales skyrocketing.

The sensational Hoverland Ireland craze is no news, while you may want to purchase a hoverboard in Ireland there are certain factors you need consider before you settle for your choice;

  • Battery: When buying a hoverboard it is highly recommended that you check what sort of battery the hoverboard possess. The battery determines how far your hoverboard moves. And how fast it moves.  Safety concerns with regard batteries should also not be ignored. While authorities in Ireland are doing a great job confiscating hoverboards with batteries deemed harmful you also have to be on the lookout when purchasing hoverboards
  • Weight and Size: This definitely depends on who intends to use the hoverboard. Although hoverboard is explored by kids, teenagers and adults it is imperative that the hoverboard to be bought be carefully examined to see the weight it is meant for. For maximum benefit of hoverboards, the weight of hoverboard bought should be considered, as a hoverboard meant for kids will not be meet the needs of an adult.
  • Quality: To brings any fears of safety concerns to rest it is advised that hoverboards are purchased from brands renowned for quality and safety hoverboards approved by the designated authorities. It is also important to have foreknowledge of the products of such brands. While searching for such brands may be tedious it is worth the time. One of such brands is selfbalancingscooter.ie
  • Costs: While we may what to get the best product at a considerable low price, we should not get distracted from the big picture because hoverboards with considerable low prices may be replicate of those of trusted brands. Buying this sorts of hoverboards put you at the risk of environmental hazards such as explosive batteries with unusually low charging time. To get a quality hoverboard Ireland your budget should be between 200-300 euros.

Review on some Hoverboard- Ireland Hoverboards

  • All Terrain Off Road Hummer Hoverboard

This hoverboard which currently costs about 299 Euros comes fully equipped with a maximum weight capacity of 256lb, a two hour estimated charge time, a speed of 10MPH and a 400mAH Li-Ion battery cell capable of being charged about 2000 times and able to cover 12.5 miles in one charge, it features includes;

  1. Bluetooth Sound system
  2. LED lights


  • 2018 New White Led wheel Segway Hover-board

Valued at 219 Euros this EU certified hoverboard possesses a 265lb maximum weight capacity, a two-hour charge time, 10MPH maximum speed, which covers 12.5 miles in one charge propelled by a 4400Mah Li-Ion battery. Features include;

  1. Bluetooth Sound system
  2. LED lights
  3. Overcurrent Protection.


Whether you want to buy a hoverboard as a present for the 10-year-old kid, you adore or just for fun, enjoy and savor the hoverboard experience.