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Arts Audiences is delighted to invite registrations for a session with Google mentors called Google @ The Arts Council on Friday 18th February from 2.30 – 5.30pm.

In 2010 a partnership with Google saw several arts organisations being mentored over a period of months by employees of Google to improve their new media strategies and sales.

The scheme was a great success and you can see the reports here

We are delighted to announce that we are expanding our relationship with Google who will, once again, be providing a limited number of mentors for arts organisations in 2011; and that in addition to that, the mentors are holding a session for those interested to give you the tools to identify what your new media challenges are.

  1. Google @ The Arts Council. It was clear to the Google mentors that arts organisations were not always sure about what area of new media they needed to address? The website? E-marketing?  Social media?

The Google mentors will run a session on Friday 18th February 2011 from 2.30 – 5.30pm at the Wood Quay Venue, Civic Offices Dublin 8 to give you tools to identify your online marketing goals. The session will be suitable for all, whether you want to apply for the mentoring scheme or not and will cover 1. How to set online marketing goals; how to use specific tools, such as Google Analytics and Google Adwords ; small groups breakout to answer specific questions you may have. If you want to apply to attend, click here

2. Mentoring

If you would like to apply for the mentoring scheme you should come along to the afternoon. You will subsequently be asked to submit your project or idea and a small panel will assess the submissions and choose a number of them for mentoring.

The deadline for submissions to the mentoring scheme is February 28th at 5pm and details of the scheme are below.


The afternoon and mentoring scheme are free of charge. Organisations in receipt of Arts Council funding, of whatever nature, in 2010 are eligible to apply for a place. Please note that places are limited, and Arts Audiences reserves the right to select attendees based on achieving a good spread across artforms, regions etc.


Are you looking to bring your organisation’s online performance to a new level?

Looking to harness the power of online applications, with an emphasis on Google products such as Adwords? Would you like expert guidance to assist you along the way?

Arts Audiences is pleased to announce details of the New Media Mentoring Scheme 2011, in which experts from Google will offer their time, for free, to mentor arts organisations seeking to build relationships with new and existing audiences online.

Individuals from a number organisations will be mentored in this scheme and participating organisations will produce case studies at the end of the mentoring, to share lessons learnt with the wider arts community.
Mentoring will be provided in the area of new media marketing / audience development, and will respond to the specific requirements of participating arts organisations, who are asked to submit details of the project for which they would like mentoring (more details below). Last year, projects included using Analytics to improve web sales and specific web advertising projects.

Suitable projects for mentoring
This scheme is designed to provide organisations with mentoring support around specific finite projects, which could be realised within a 3 month timeframe approximately. While we are looking for projects which are ambitious, such projects must also be realistic!

Some possible examples;

A theatre company that wants to sell more tickets for their Spring season,

A Book shop that wants to publicise its opening,

A  dance company hoping to build up a newsletter list

These are just a few examples which give an idea of the scope and scale of what is suitable.


The mentors are specialists within the Google AdWords team based in Dublin and work with clients in order to help them reach their online advertising goals. Passionate about the Arts and Arts promotion, they hope to bring their skills and knowledge to the organizations involved and help them make the most of the resources available to develop their online presence.

The timeframe:
Deadline for submissions is 28th February 2011. Mentoring will begin in early April 2011 .It is envisaged that mentoring will take no more than 10 hours time in total, and may involve a mix of face to face meetings, phone calls and emails.

How to participate:
If you are interested in participating, you should submit a short application (one A4 page)  by email to by February 28th 2011 at 5pm outlining the project for which you would like to receive mentoring.

In this document you should outline ;

∙ Details of the project for which you would like mentoring.
∙ Details about any aspect of the project for which you would require mentoring
∙ How you think the realisation of this project will benefit your organisation
∙ A time frame for the completion of the project

As part of the process, participating organisations are required to produce case studies, which will be published online to share learnings with the broader arts sector.

The match making process:
Once all the applications are in, in consultation with mentors and applicant organisations, there will be an element of ‘match-making’ to ensure mentors will be matched to an organisation whose needs match their expertise.

If you have any queries about either scheme, please post a comment here and we will endeavour to respond quickly.

Una Carmody

Director Arts Audiences



  1. Clem Cairns

    Established in 1994, Fish Publishing runs three international writing contests. 90% of entries come online, so increasing internet presence is vital. We also run online courses in creative writing and offer an Editorial and Critique service, again mostly online. Increasingly our participants/clients come from outside of our traditional markets of Ireland, the UK and the USA/Canada. Opening up are Australia and New Zealand, but also non english-speaking countries all over the world.
    We advertise in magazines in our main market areas, and have listings and links, and take ads, with many web-based publications and sites.
    We are not knowledgeable about social networking sites or the various Google opportunities, but are informed that this is, and will be, a vital part of any web-based marketing campaign.

    The artistic aim of Fish is to bring new Irish writing to the rest of the world, and to bring the same from other parts of the world to Ireland.

    We publish an anthology of the winners of the three competitions annually, and launch it at the West Cork Literary Festival. Writers have come from the five continents to this annual event to receive their awards and participate in the Festival.

    The financial aim is to make Fish a more profitable organisation. We are not limited by geography. Our only limitation is our lack of knowledge, at this time, of the possibilities the web has to offer.

    Clem Cairns

  2. Una Carmody

    The mentoring scheme is really aimed at organisations, with a marketing function. I have to say we hadn’t really considered individuals applying. If the project you want to look at is of interest to the mentors, and would be widely applicable to others, we would be happy to consider it so send it in – we are only looking for a one-page application. You should note the requirement to have received funding from the Arts Council in 2010 as well.

    Good luck

  3. Una Carmody

    Thanks for all this info. We will see you on February 18th I hope?

  4. Kate McLoughlin

    Attending Google@the Arts Council event today. Please can you send me address details?


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