Arts Attendance in Ireland – report published 13.07.2010

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Have you always wondered how many people in Ireland attend plays, or opera or classical music? What age they are? Or what newspapers they read?

For the first time this information is being made available through Arts Audiences with the support of the Arts Council and Temple Bar Cultural Trust.

Click here to access the report Arts Attendance In Ireland

TGI contains a wealth of information about audiences for the arts. Section 2 of the report will be of particular interest to those involved in marketing, as it gives some demographic information about regional audiences for the arts, and their media consumption and behaviour. We will be making a further release of information in August 2010 and are looking for your input about what you would find most useful. Marketing information by artform? More information about websites? Let us know by posting a comment below.

Appendix 1 gives more information about TGI and how it it carried out in Ireland Appendix 1 TGI repor


5 Responses to “Arts Attendance in Ireland – report published 13.07.2010”

  1. Majella Ní Chríocháin

    Great idea and very useful information. Shame that the sample was too small to deliver info on lifestages in Connacht/Ulster. Any chance we could have this in the future? Also, could we get information about arts audiences and their interest/participation in sports/physical activity? And would it be possible to get info on rural audiences, outside of towns? For those of use working in very rural Ireland! Thanks.

  2. Profile photo of Una Carmody

    Una Carmody

    Thanks for the input. It is possible that the lifestage information might be more meaningful in the future – if for example, one category became larger. However I think its unlikely. I will run the report again and if there is anything useful will publish.

    Yes I can and will run reports on crossover between sport and art attendance. Really good idea. Keep an eye on the website and I hope to publish new info in late August.

    I can separate rural from urban audiences outside Dublin no problem. Is there anything in particular you would like to know?



  3. Angel Luis Gonzalez

    This is a great document, I’m very glad I found it. I wonder how could this be distributed more readily and widely. I definitely will share it with my partner organisations and through our Social Media. Thanks!


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